Blondie Is Up For The Challenge

Hey gay massage fans! Horny, hot, fantastic, amazing – these words aren’t good to describe our new client. Just in minute he took off the his shirt and showed us his extremely muscle body – oh yes, his body is in good hands! You know how life works – YOU NEED TO WORK FUCKING (oops!) HARD FOR THE THINGS YOU WANT! Our massage boy really wants this dude, see how he’s horny when he’s watching his body! He massaged his body and after few minutes, he seemed to loosen up a bit that is where he made first (not)straight move. He sucked his dick – after all, he said it tasted really good.. imagine this!! Really it was a moment of glory for our gay boy, after suck he drilled right through his perfect tight chocolate eye and then let him have a ride on him! Watch this update now!. Enjoy boys, brought by Rub Him website.


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Rubhim Interior Soreness

Whats up guys, Rubhim lovers?! Our guy – Trace from once again is back! His sweet tiny boy who inquired about my famous butt. He heard something about our massager from our mutual friend – our gay massager had good opinions and services, so Trace came once again. We were so happy to get right down.. I gave him a sweet head job and when I went to analyze his sweet butt he grabbed my dick and sucked it like a real CHAMPION!!!! Watch this update now!. Enjoy boys, brought by Rub Him website.

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Chocolate Man

Watch out! Rub him episode is comming!! Here’s another day of Trace Michaels gay adventures. Today came to our massage boy another sexy straight man with awesome ass and muscles. Our straight guy has some problems with back. Client took off his shirt and Trace saw his back, I couldn’t say it but I dreamt to doggy style this straight ass. After a long gay massage I decided to try my move and lick his butt hole. He didnt appreciate for this, but after keeping in his asshole Trace’s dick, every minute he was one step closer to heaven. After few minutes, he said – what the hell, one life.. and he started to suck Trace’s huge penis. So here’s another straight guy up his butt for us and sucked some cocks – ofcourse everything we taped! Hope you will enjoy this guy!! Enjoy boys, brought by Rub Him website.

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Rub him and athletic boy!

Freshest gay massage episode from Rub him website. This time, our gay massager invited this baseball player. Our player is ready for massage, but he didn’t know what will happen in few minutes… Well our dude will give him “that” massage – if you know what i mean, close Your eyes and imagine baseball player dick, hard, huge and sucked by gay massager – yes! It’s Rubhim! After geting oilied, our dude started taking a peek at his sweet package of meat. Player was pretty hard and huge so our dude took the liberty to start sucking his magic stick, and he did not seem to mind! He let him fuck on the massage table. He was so wonderful. Watch this update now!. Enjoy boys, brought by Rub Him website.

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Another Rubhim Score

This time I ran across a boy who at first seemed to crave a “real” kind of (gay) massage. Something in my mind tells me he knew what I wanna do with him. Massage guy put an oil all over this guy sexy and muscle body and got to work. The guy can’t wait to feel cock inside of him. ENJOY! Watch this update now! Watch this update now!. Enjoy boys, brought by Rub Him website.

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RubHim winning straight male poked by gay

Today i had lots of “job” to do, my business is going pretty good – woei! This time I had a nice guy who is been having trouble in his left knee area. Ok! Lets go! I just convinced him that pain started on his high upper thigh. Ofcourse this allowed me to massage other places, he was really uncomfortable – i don’t know why;) But after few minutes, he let his guards off and I done my job!! He had sweet ass, then I penetrated his black hole… I should tell you, so far he’s best straight man ass I have gotten so far on the job… Watch this update now!. Enjoy boys, brought by Rub Him website.

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Rubhim massage videos

Hey boys! I wanna show you extremly gay massage you ever saw!! Imagine a guy came to massage room, and the action just started.. with happy ending. Real boys videos, another great videos from RubHim.

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Gay massage from RubHim

I’ve been working a lot these days and business is going really really really good (WINNING!!!!). My work is simply – massage for boys, i just rub him! Today I had this dude who’s been having trouble in his right knee area.. I convinced him that the pain started on his high upper thigh (yeah right) This allowed me to wonder off into other places (yesssss!!!!!!!) he was really uncomfortable at first but he eventually let his guards down and I went to work!!!! Ate his sweet ass for awhile then penetrated his manhole… This is by far the best straight man ass I’ve gotten so far on the job… Enjoy!!!!!!
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